After giving birth: “who told you to have kids?”

After having a child, i realized that in the eyes of society mothers can’t:

complain (who told you to have kids?) – cry (why are you crying? did you think it was easy?) – getting tired of what? (you do nothing!) – sleep (you’re lazy!) – rest (you’ll have plenty of time for that after they grow up) – getting pregnant again (are you crazy? how many more kids do you want?) – quitting work (how will you support your child?) – work (who will take care of the child?)

leave them at the nursery (don’t let others raise them!!) – being a housewife (poor husband, works too hard and his wife stays at home!!) – being single (nobody wants a woman with kids) – going out for fun (why are you leaving your son with grandma to have fun?) and you know whats worse??? 90% of these phrases are spoken by other women. let’s learn to be more supportive of each!

Baby Boo